February 21, 2018

OK, Imagine Net Neutrality is Flame Grilled Whopper

26 January 2018, 02:35 | Frank Carlson

News Somehow the best net neutrality explainer is from Burger King Chris Mills @c

Net neutrality explainer from Burger King

It's not clear whether the people who appear in the promotional video are paid actors or actual Burger King customers, though after experiencing what net neutrality looks like when applied to a fast food restaurant they appeared uniformly indignant. In the ad, actors playing Burger King employees taunt customers by making them wait for absurd amounts of time to receive their food-unless they pay huge tolls to get it quickly.

To explain the effects of repealing net neutrality, the fast-food chain compares the complicated rules to its famous Whopper sandwich, creating "Whopper neutrality". The flame broiling giant, Burger King chose to stick it to the Republican-controlled FCC and Ajit Pai by dropping a video hilariously explaining how the repealing of Net Neutrality would affect you with the help of their world-famous Whopper. Most Americans support net neutrality because most understand that it isn't a good idea to allow telecoms to pick and choose the content they might want to block or throttle. Burger King's spoof, while over the top, highlights why net neutrality protections were put in place.

For the purposes of the campaign, you could order a Whopper at "Slow MBPS", "Fast MBPS" or "Hyperfast MBPS" for up to $25.99 for those who elected to pay in the priority "fast lane".

Burger King has been turning out some brilliant ads of late. "It's stupid but true".

The clip closes with Burger King's royal King mascot drinking out of an overized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup mug, just like the one that FCC chairman Ajit Pai has caught heat for using.

Counterpoint & Canalys: Xiaomi Surpasses Samsung In India
Based on data by GfK (a German research firm), Samsung says it has 45% of the value market share and 40% of the volume share. He said the key reason for its success lies in the autonomy it granted its Indian unit, letting it run the business locally.

Amusing though the video is, it does an admirable job to cutting to the important parts of net neutrality: the unfairness and overt profiteering that can exist without healthy competition or rules preventing anti-consumer pricing policies.

John Oliver called attention to net neutrality on "Last Week Tonight".

Following the decision, some of the internet's biggest companies railed against it.

Burger King says the people ordering were actual customers.

More: Net neutrality: The FCC voted to end it.

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