February 18, 2018

Cigs Could Benefit Those Seeking Help To Quit Smoking

26 January 2018, 02:31 | Kara Nash

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For example, there is substantial evidence that e-cigarette use results in symptoms of dependence, and moderate evidence that they increase coughing and wheezing in adolescents, as well as asthma exacerbations.

Levels of certain harmful chemicals were between 55 and 99 percent lower in the vapor produced by iQOS than in cigarette smoke.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine added, while vaping can help adult smokers quit, there's strong evidence that they "increase" the risk of smoking for young people.

Reviewed evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are "likely to be far less harmful than tobacco products", said David Eaton, chair of the committee that wrote the report. ENDS [electronic nicotine-delivery systems], which include electronic cigarettes, are new technologies created to slowly curb nicotine dependency without the tar and other harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke. The conclusion echoes a study by the University of MI that claims teenagers who use e-cigarettes are four times more likely to start smoking tobacco within a year.

E-cigarettes could help adults quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, but only if they completely switch over to e-cigs - no alternating between the two.

E-cigarettes are still fairly new and are largely unregulated. "It demonstrates why the FDA should fully and aggressively implement the overdue e-cigarette regulations that took effect in August 2016".

In conclusion, E-Cigarettes may encourage kids to start smoking regular tobacco products, therefore an awareness campaign in this directions should be beneficial.

Heart rates increase from inhaling nicotine in e-cigarettes, as does blood pressure.

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There is conclusive evidence that exposure to nicotine from e-cigarettes is "highly variable and depends on the characteristics of the device and the e-liquid, as well as how the device is operated".

Lindsey Stroud, government relations coordinator at The Heartland Institute, notes that not only is the Food and Drug Administration battling e-cigarettes, county health departments around the country are joining in the battle to "demonize devices that can help improve public health".

The report found "conclusive evidence" that substituting e-cigarettes for conventional cigarettes "reduces users' exposure to many toxicants and carcinogens present in conventional cigarettes". Millions of Americans use e-cigarettes, and e-cigarette use is generally greatest among young adults and decreases with age.

It was compiled at the request of the US Congress, amid a growing worldwide debate over whether e-cigarettes are safe or harmful.

In a recently published Strategic Policy Roadmap, the US FDA said: "It is the other chemical compounds in tobacco, and in the smoke created by setting tobacco on fire, that directly and primarily cause the illness and death-not the nicotine". Numerous surveys show that e-cigarettes have become the most commonly used tobacco product among youth, surpassing traditional cigarettes.

In the short term, over the next 30 years, e-cigarettes are likely to be a public health benefit, the researchers determined.

"To the Lung Association it makes extraordinarily clear that in order to protect the public health, FDA must use and have the authority over these products or we are going to end up with even more kids using cigarettes and even more consequences of using these products", said Erika Sward, assistant vice president of national advocacy for the American Lung Association.

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