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Kingsman stars on doing their own stunts and paying the price

23 September 2017, 01:35 | Cassandra Thompson

British High Commission celebrates Britain's creative industries.

Key scenes in Kingsman: The Golden Circle filmed in Birmingham

Kingsman: Secret Service was one of the sleeper hits of the year, with no one expecting a British intelligence comedy to surprise us with its OTT action sequences and humour. The plot involves an American villain named Poppy (Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore) who runs the world's largest drug cartel in an undisclosed location decorated in 1950s nostalgia (which she is inspired to do so by films and television released in the 1970s) and uses empty puns as a weapon.

But does "The Golden Circle" really measure up?

Skyline in partnership with TNL Radio and Scope Cinemas will also host the first ever official double-feature fan screening to be held in Sri Lanka on 20 September.

Check out the trailer number 2 of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which is full of adrenaline-pumping moments. And it's not Colin Firth's return in the role of "dead" spy Harry Hart.

Paul may not have as many cool suits, gadgets and guns as the brilliant duo of Mark Strong (Merlin) and Taron Egerton (Eggsy), but he still managed to get some top secret information from the pair. The survivors of the purge, Merlin (Mark Strong) and Eggsy, head to US and call upon The Statesman, which is the American version of the Kingsman spy operation.

Cue American bravado and clichés in the form of gun-slingin', tough-talkin', chain-smokin' agents Tequila (Tatum) and Whiskey (Game of Thrones and Narcos stud Pedro Pascal), led by none other than Champagne (Jeff Bridges). It would be one thing if Colin Firth's character were gay or open to the possibility of sexual experimentation, but nothing about his actions suggest this to be the case.

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The second film is not as much fun as the first. But ...

When the aforementioned British rock star gets about as much screen time as Bridges and Tatum combined, the great cast of "Golden Circle" loses a little of its luster, and frankly, the toxin angle feels a little like a rehash, combined with its milquetoast social commentary.

Over the last couple of months, via various wannabe-cool film-makers, I've heard a whole bunch of Bowie, T Rex and plenty of faux-ironic American hair metal thundering out of my local multiplex's sound-systems over the top of fight scenes and auto chases from Atomic Blonde to Baby Driver and back again.

Opening with a fantastically filmed cab ride through London's narrow streets, the first sequence sets up the movie perfectly.

The original movie, 2015's Kingsman: The Secret Service was the scrappy underdog of the spy genre, a spoofy gem that reworked the cliches of the Bond archive into something all of its own. Because of this, Elton's joke instead comes across as somewhat lecherous and detracts from his otherwise stellar performance in the film.

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