February 24, 2018

Matt Reeves clarifies comments about The Batman movie

27 August 2017, 01:16 | Cassandra Thompson

Director Matt Reeves on 'War for the Planet of the Apes' -

Ben Affleck and Christian Bale Batman

In the quote he stated that when WB approached him about taking the reins of The Batman after Affleck chose to step away as writer/director and just focus on acting, "they said 'It's a standalone thing".

The DC Extended Universe movies are either just getting good or were always pretty great, depending on who you talk to, so it's pretty surprising to learn that the next Batman movie - allegedly titled The Batman - isn't even going to be a part of it. "Batman will be BATMAN..."

"In my comments from a while back about not being part of the DCEU, I was talking about 'The Batman'being a story specifically about Batman...not about the others in the Universe".

But today, Reeves chose to put the rumor to rest, at least for now: he just took to Twitter to confirm that The Batman is firmly entrenched within the timeline of the DCEU continuity. He explains that he wants his Batman movie to be "emotionally engaging", in that he's interested in being "even more inside of Batman" than in his villains, who often take center stage in many previous films about the character.

This means that, like the prospective Joker origin movie which reportedly won't feature Jared Leto, Matt Reeves' The Batman film (or possible trilogy) could feature someone else entirely as Batman in a Gotham that doesn't exactly resemble the one we glimpsed in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice while Affleck still anchors Justice League as the "crossover" Batman. While reports circulated that Warner working on two different films focusing on eternal Bat-nemesis the Joker, yesterday saw the resurfacing of an interview with solo Batman film director Matt Reeves.

Now however that all appears to have disappeared, with DC opting to release a Joker and Harley Quinn movie instead.

For a while there, it looked like Warner Bros. had finally got their sprawling and beleaguered #DCEU under control.

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After all, there's a way both Affleck not starring in The Batman and still being Batman in other films can be true. Losing Affleck as Batman could be a huge blow to the cinematic universe that is still in its infancy, resulting in a hole that might prove impossible for the studio to dig themselves out of.

With all the worries put away, hopefully this means Ben Affleck can stay portraying Batman.

To understand this decision, many have been reading deeply into the recent words of director Matt Reeves, which may cause them to misconstrue the point of his statements.

Just to be clear: Of COURSE Batman will be part of the D.C. Universe.

"He's not going to do that movie, I don't think".

I suppose we'll see how all of this pans out when The Batman opens in theaters in 2019.

The Batman is now in development and does not have a release date.

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