February 24, 2018

Total Solar Eclipse of 1979

20 August 2017, 06:59 | Ruben Fields

No glasses? Here are ways to view the solar eclipse safely


The "path of totality," where the moon will completely eclipse the sun for a few minutes, is a ribbon about 70 miles wide that will cross the US from west to east beginning at about 9 OR, according to NASA. This occurs because the sun is still shining in areas that are not in the path of totality. While the path of totality runs farther south than our area, and we'll be seeing the eclipse at about 85% totality, excitement has still built to high levels.

Carfagno will be watching from Nashville, one of The Weather Channel's five US viewing locations, where the eclipse will begin around 11 a.m. ET, and total darkness will take over about 90 minutes later. Buffalo falls north of the totality line, so the Southern Tier can expect about a 75 percent eclipse, the rest of us about 72 percent.

According to NASA, that depends on the shade.

"The main effect is in the "radiant heating" component which goes away suddenly at the moment of eclipse and produces a very fast temperature decrease", says NASA. If you can see shaded lamps or other household light fixtures that are not bare bulbs through your eclipse glasses and you are not sure the product came from a reputable vendor, then they are not safe. This means that almost the entire sun will be covered by the moon. Additionally, trees and other lattice-like barriers (think wicker furniture) will become "solar pinholes" that leave shadows in the shape of several small crescents.

"You definitely need solar film, solar filters, bonafide solar glasses not sunglasses, those won't be enough to protect your eyes", he said. If you stare at the sun without protection, you may experience damage to your retina (the tissue at the back of your eye) called "solar retinopathy". Totality won't last long, so observe as much as you can during that short amount of time.

To protect your eyes make sure you have the right glasses that are certified and meet worldwide safety standards.

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According to Richland County, they ordered 10 thousand solar eclipse glasses with the county seal and logo on them.

Upwards of 700 people are expected at the event, which will include crafts, solar telescopes and a video stream from NASA of the eclipse, which will be priceless in the case of poor weather. "Even during totality, when the sun is completely blocked out - it's a good idea to wear the glasses".

A new moon isn't the only requirement for a solar eclipse.

This one is a solar eclipse.

For Jacksonville, the eclipse will begin at 1:16 the shadow of the moon starts to slowly cover the sun. So this must mean solar eclipses are rare, right? A group of students will also travel down to SC or Tennessee to see the eclipse in its totality.

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