February 22, 2018

New Buddy & Darling featurette released for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver

28 June 2017, 05:20 | Felicia Parsons

Edgar Wright Refuses to Watch Ant-Man

Edgar Wright Reveals His Reason For Not Directing 'Ant-Man'

Once more, Baby has to go on a bonkers auto chase to flee the scene. Wright has orchestrated every swerve and near smashup-and one glorious foot chase-with precision, a rarity in action filmmaking these days. Much of the action is synchronised to a musical beat from a pre-selected 30-song playlist, handpicked by director Edgar Wright himself.

The punchline is that star Ansel Elgort was born in 1994, a good six months before that opening number was released in stores.

AE: The script was awesome. His employer: a criminal mastermind named Doc (Kevin Spacey, calm, cool and menacing as ever), whose specialty is devising foolproof plans, then hiring just the right team to execute those plans. Every movement that occurs in a scene - from gunfights to windshield wipers on the getaway vehicle to Baby's stunt driving - is timed precisely to reflect the music now playing in Baby's ears, and ours.

The movie opens with a demonstration of Baby's prowess, evading cops in a sequence briskly choreographed to the music that the character plays nonstop, his way of equalizing a ringing sound that haunts him from an earlier accident. Jamie Foxx's ex-con Bats threatens to steal the show, while Kevin Spacey's Doc is a ruthless schemer who keeps an eye out for Baby (if it serves his own interests). He has to pull off heists as his driver to pay off that debt. People would listen to it and say, 'I get the idea.

"I haven't seen it and I haven't even seen the trailer", Wright told Uproxx's Mike Ryan. Still, how much could it hurt to stick around for a bit and see what else is on his playlist? "I loved how eclectic the role was", he enthuses. I directed this little film, it cost me about five million dollars to direct and it's a comedy. Baby's scenes with his deaf foster father are endearing without going overboard. So that's how he speaks with him, through sign language. He said, oh, man what I do. And Jamie Foxx says, "Do I look like I know a fucking thing about Barbra fucking Streisand?" Then there was the choreography. I was with this guy, this British DJ called Osymyso, a palindrome. The scenes take a long time to film and it was a long shoot. Each actor has a different dynamic with each other.

Lily, I'd never met her before. I think she's quite sort of a chameleon. Baby Driver is a sleek vision that Wright obviously put his heart and soul into (and, at least with critics, that's paid off as Baby Driver is now sporting a nifty 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

Did you know Joel Coen was at the screening? The main driving factor in the movie is the romance between Baby and Debora who bond over their love for music. It's all-wheel drive, so that's fun. When it's firing on all cylinders, "Baby Driver" is a rock-and-rolling, rubber-burning blast. However, Doc arm-twists him into one last job, that goes awry right from the planning stages. It was really just that thing of amping up the stakes and showing the moral consequences and showing the human collateral of it. You see three heists and each one gets stickier and more complicated. They want to blend in. Oh boy, you could really do it and not a scratch on the vehicle, nothing goes wrong, nobody gets hurt.

We meet Baby two jobs away from being in the clear. Everyone in the supporting cast goes for broke here - but we'll single out Hamm, who adds glaze and a slice of pineapple in a performance of bracing, nutty perversity. Do you want to get a bite?

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AE: I got to do a couple though I wanted to do more. "There's a lot of action done in this auto, some incredible stuff". So they built this pod auto; there's someone on the top who's really driving. I put that in later because it was Ansel's favorite song. I can do a J-turn.

"I have zero regrets about not doing the movie". One of the insane things with this, and some of the actors could tell you the same thing, is that when I first put all the songs together and presented it to the studio and to the actors, I did these mixes of the songs where we put all the sound effects in.

Edgar Wright: "I never tried to clear it".

Do you do better in Los Angeles traffic now as a result of Baby Driver? . There is a section in my stand up about all the stories of me meeting Kanye, Barrack, and John Legend for the first time at the dinner table. In New York traffic, you really have to weave and move.

What was the weirdest moment on set? . We think we're in control when really, it's the other way around. At one point we were locked in the kitchen, there were prisoners walking by and there were guards... You should be riding shotgun, banging on the roof.

What was your biggest takeaway from the experience? .

An armored auto robbery that goes seriously awry introduces the deranged "Bats" (Jamie Foxx, upping the ante from his turn in Horrible Bosses).

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