January 21, 2018

Woman videotapes kangaroo grabbing girl at animal park

10 May 2017, 04:24 | Kara Nash

VIDEO: Kangaroo attacks, bites 9-year-old girl on head

Kangaroo attacks 9-year-old girl at Harmony Park Safari

She told WHNT a kangaroo reached through a fence and grabbed her 9-year-old daughter at the local zoo in Huntsville.

She said she is unhappy with how Harmony Park Safari - where the attack took place - handled the situation.

"It's real thin", Jennifer told WAFF.

Jennifer was taking cellphone footage of her daughters interacting with the kangaroo when the animal struck Cheyenne.

The family had been there many times before, but they had never before seen the kangaroos.

Cheyenne White was with her mother and younger sister. "It was really cute because she would walk one way and it would follow her", Jennifer White said.

"I thought it was playing", Cheyenne told WAFF.

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The kangaroo named Erwin appears to bite the child in her head area. "He grabbed her. She was bending down to get something and it grabbed her through the fence". She screamed in terror as he attacked, biting her head. Cheyenne ended up with 14 stitches in her head.

"I'm just glad it got me instead of my baby sister because it would have hurt her even worse", said victim Cheyene. Warning: The footage may be hard to watch.

No one from the park returned a phone call Tuesday from The Associated Press, and the TV station says a park employee declined comment.

There is a sign that reads "I bite", on a plaque outside the fence.

"I'm just glad I was there", Jennifer White said.

'I don't want it to happen to someone else's kid, because they may not be as fortunate as my daughter was'.

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